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thankyou for being here lovely!

I’m so glad you have found this SoulSwimming space as I honestly believe you are meant to be here so you can learn more about how you can get into alignment with your dreams, uplevel, and shine on your self-development journey! 

My name is Laura and I’ve created this space for you to step into your true power. I believe that we all deserve to live our best life and so I’ve created SoulSwimming to be a learning and positive platform to help coach and mentor you on your beautiful path.

As a self-development specialist, I have dedicated over 20 years of learning to the amazing world of personal growth and I want to share all this with you so you can enhance your life for the better! 

the importance of self development growth; 

There are 5 key areas of personal growth and all increase and help us get in alignment to achieve our goals and be the best version of us! The 5 areas are; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social and each area has a huge amount of information included in there.

I wanted to create a space to be the place where everyone can easily absorb and access that information for them to get in alignment to strip up and shine in their life! 


One of the ways I want to do this is by education. When we learn; we grow! Click here for more information.

when women support, help uplevel, empower & care for each other, incredible things happen

I believe the way we achieve personal growth and therefore alignment with our dreams is that we need to explore and go into our SOUL as well as absorbing or SWIMMING in the self-development world with all its knowledge available to us!

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